Social Media Marketing (SMM)

In today’s global online reach, it is essential to stay in touch and engage yourself directly with the current and prospective customers. No doubt, almost everybody is engaged in Social Media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or one of the many other platforms available.

SMM can establish a brand and enable to interact directly with the customers 


Social Media Marketing is a vital part of the digital marketing strategy to promote your brand in a direct and positive way among your target group of customers. Paashruti Design’s social media marketing services can establish your brand on the major social media platforms and enable you to interact directly with the customers. Engaging effective Social Media activity requires creativity, digital marketing knowledge, quick access to quality graphic design and most of all a lot of time. Many businesses have a group of people who have been charged to look after the organisation’s Social Media. With our help, you can engage with new and existing customers on multiple social channels. We approach social media marketing by doing a lot of current data analysis and a careful study of current market trends.

Our social media marketing services will allow your brands to reach customers through multiple social media channels and offer you a chance to do complete monitoring of your brands and customer sentiment analysis, thus helping you in the process to do better marketing of your products and services. We will also monitor the positive and negative reviews received in notifications and manage all of your social streams by tracking your social media properties.

Hence using our social media tools, we can do bulk publishing of your brands content and target the right audience. Social Media Marketing can help you to find new prospective customers whom you can target and ensure the business growth of your brands. Get into a direct conversation with the customers through the social platform.

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