Responsive Website Design 

Responsive Website Design isn’t a trend anymore, it’s a must. Digital content is meant to be viewed on a plenty of devices in today’s world. Thus, Responsive Web Design offers the way forward. It’s perfect for devices that switch from portrait orientation to landscape in an instant or for when users switch from a large computer or laptop screen to an iPad.

Responsive website design look great on all devices 

Responsive Website Design

The web world today is not just limited to the desktop. People like to multitask and do their web browsing on mobile devices that they can carry around with them. A responsive design ensures that your website will adapt to each unique device used to access your site and it automatically resize all onsite content, images according to mobile, tablet and desktop in order to ensure the website is easy to use on any device. In such a scenario it is important that your site functions just as effortlessly on mobile devices as on PCs. Another change which is apparent in today’s web design trends is the prevalence of touch-screen friendly components.

With the recent growth in online purchasing of goods and services, half of all website traffic comes from smartphones and tablets which now play an important role in the online purchasing process. As a result of these changes, it is essential that your Website is fully responsive, i.e it changes size automatically to fit the screen your customer is viewing the website on. Mobile-friendliness can even influence how high websites rank in organic search results.

All websites build by Paashruti Design are fully responsive, look great, easy to use and navigate around whatever the device – be it mobile, tablet or a large desktop monitor. We have a deep understanding of responsive design, allowing us to offer our clients the complete website design and development solutions. While designing such sites, we keep some key points in mind, namely clear readability with fluid navigation and eliminating horizontal scrolling at all cost.  We develop the most flexible features like different buttons for different screen sizes, elimination of table forms and fluid width layouts.

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